HPP 220 TP
Tour Player Model

Thanks to its highly appealing price, the HPP 220 TP is an exciting point of entry to the world of KRAMSKI putters. Manufactured from stainless steel, clad with a black chrome coating and finished by hand, as all KRAMSKI putters, this blade putter distinguishes itself by virtue of its precise face-balanced design and balanced head weight. The striking surface is made of a special soft polyurethane insert, which provides an excellent feel especially when playing hard golf balls.

Strike zone Plastic Insert
Shaft Straight
Clubhead Stainless Steel
Lie 66°
Length 30 – 37 Inch


395 €

HPP 220 TP

Kramski SIGHT system
The KRAMSKI Sight System allows you to line up to your target like a gun sight. This revolutionary solution has meanwhile become a functional and aesthetic symbol of KRAMSKI.

Thanks to the exact face-balanced design, the mass center lies in the middle of the precision putter face. This way, KRAMSKI putters have an extremely large sweet spot, which allows precise putts, even when the ball is struck off-center.

High Precision Grip
Our KRAMSKI-manufactured grips have a number of breakthrough innovations, such as special rain profiles, forgiving grip forms, and numerous grip sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, as well as Junior XS and Junior S).

TPE Soft insert
Our plastic strike zone insert is incorporated into the putter head, which allows for very good touch - especially when playing with harder balls.

HPP 220 TP

Clubhead Material

Stainless Steel

Strike Zone Insert

Plastic Insert

Clubhead Weight



Sweet Spot

Very Large


Black Chrome




Kramski (S / M / L / XL / XXL)

Grip Colors

Black / Blue / Red / Yellow




30 – 37 Inch

Club Swing Weight

Adaption is possible

Right-Left Handed

Only right handed at the moment

HPP 220 TP

Golfmagazin ReVIEW

„The face-balanced blade model was convincing in action because of its ingenious weight distribution and forgiving, extremely large sweet spot.“


INcluding the revolutionary KRAMSKI GRIP

The KRAMSKI HPG is the first grip that is "Assembled by KRAMSKI", and is therefore revolutionary in all areas: unique haptics, forgiving form, intelligent profile, and maximum grip fit through various internal bore holes. Plus, it has a pleasant, straightforward design in the color of your choice.

Maximum Grip
The specially developed plastic guarantees unique haptics.

ALL-Weather profile
The intelligent profile ensures perfect grip in every type of weather.

Precision Shape
The forgiving grip form supports the ideal positioning of the clubhead.

5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and 3 internal bore holes for 6 different shaft lengths guarantee the best possible fit.

Become a member

With the purchase of a KRAMSKI HPP (High-Precision Putter), you automatically become a member in our Owners Club and receive a Club Member Card. This is your ticket to a number of exclusive benefits.

Your benefits

  • 20% discount on all KRAMSKI Putting Academy Seminars
  • 10% discount on all accessories and KRAMSKI Golf innovations
  • an advance invitation for all KRAMSKI Golf trips
  • an advance invitation for all KRAMSKI tournaments
  • Putter Trade-Ins: Depending on condition and age, up to 250 Euros.

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