TIP 01
MAXImum Hand pressure

„99% of golfers are shocked, when I say that - but quickly recognize the benefits. The stronger the grip pressure is, the more the joints are blocked and the rotation of the shoulders is reduced. My tip: squeeze so hard that you left thumb turns white!“

TIP 02
Aiming correctly

„Many golfers fail, because they don't aim correctly while putting. I recommend to practice with a line on the ball and to set the ball up using the dominant eye. The line must lie 100% in the middle and directly on the axis. Often, the extra effort needed to set up the ball perfectly seems to much. Our aiming aid HPS 30 together with the training tool 'The Kramski Putt Philosophy' creates routline and security in no time.“

TIP 03
Natural stroke trajectory

„Generations of golfers have had and are still having the old adage drummed into them: 'When putting, you have to take your putter straight back and putt straight through.' What many don't know: from a biomechanical standpoint, a straight putting trajectory is extremely unnatural. The biomechanically correct stroke goes, instead, from inside and is focused on what is most important: that the club at the moment of compact is square.“

TIP 04
Correct impact position

„Even if you aim correctly, if the club's impact position isn't correct, then the putt won't fall. The club must be square at the moment of impact. Besides the gun-sight function of our putters, we've also developed the training console HPT 40 for this very reason. The console helps every player perfect their position while addressing the ball and perfect impact position.“