A Kramski HPP cannot be made without high-tech. Handwork is just as important. A symbiosis that reaches from a plain stainless steel block to the final product.

There are over 30 manufacturing steps that are necessary, in order to carve the characteristic geometry of the HPP series on a high-speed milling machine out of a "solid blank". Until the blank takes the desired form, until every conture and every groove is displayed true-to-detail, aluminium putter heads require about two hours. The stainless steel models need about three times as long.


From Gold City

After precision milling, every putter head is cleaned of all residue, ground, and polished using expert handwork. A seasoned expert needs about two hours for this. Kramski Putter is at home in the "Gold City" of Pforzheim (the center of the jewelry and watch industries) and hires almost solely former goldsmiths, whose expertise and care with such work processes is especially useful. Only a homogeneous, absolutely scratch-free, and closed surface structure makes it possible to put the crowining touch on every Kramski putter: the perfectly executed coating.


Premium Finish

Whether high-quality anodized or multiply electroplated with either a coat of gold, nickel, palladium, platinum, or ruthenium, it is our goal with our carefully applied premium finish to curb wear occuring from daily use, wind and weather, or chemical fertilizers on greens. Each Kramski putter is only perfectly protected, when it is well cleaned and put away in the specially developed headcover. But with so much love put into the manufacturing, anything else would be unimaginable.