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Founded in October 1978, the owner-manager family business today employs roughly 800 people worldwide. The current consolidated total turnover is over 100 million Euro. Current production sites: Germany, North America, India, and Sri Lanka, producing more than 3 billion precision parts and complex assemblies (hybrid components) per year. The KRAMSKI group includes, inter alia, the KRAMSKI PUTTER GmbH and Skytron Communications GmbH & Co KG, the technology leader regarding Wireless ISP. Skytron established in Pforzheim, as the first large German city to provide it, the access to wireless-lan in public transport. During the first test phase, it is now possible to have free online access on city buses. Since the beginning of February 2013, KRAMSKI has been the official title sponsor of the German Golf League (germ.: Deutsche Golf Liga - DGL).

The Brand KRAMSKI Putter

Popular with the amateurs, as well as with the pros, the premium putter brand KRAMSKI continues the shine on the national and international green, gaining a consistently growing number of supporters and fans. Top sporting performances, as for example Germany’s two best golf rounds with a ‚59’, course record at the venerable ‚Old Course’ in St. Andrews, as well as numerous product awards and tournament wins are proof for the excellence of the High Precision Putter (HPP) forged by the German family business from Pforzheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Now, the good name of the premium brand from southern Germany is also connected with the German Golf Association (germ.: Deutscher Golf Verband - DGV): since the beginning of February 2013, KRAMSKI has been the official title sponsor of the German Golf League (germ.: Deutsche Golf Liga - DGL).

KRAMSKI Deutsche Golf Liga

Since the beginning of February 2013, KRAMSKI is the official title sponsor of the German Golf League (germ.: Deutsche Golf Liga - DGL). The KRAMSKI German Golf League is the team championship system, which has been introduced in the 2013 season. The championship involves five match days that bring together teams of the first and second national league, the regional league, and lower leagues. The latter play for the ascent to a higher division or struggle against relegation to a lower one. The first German national league is split into a northern and a southern division, and the two teams ranking first and second in each division are competing in the Final Four for the team championship title. The Final Four is played on a neutral course and ultimately determines the national team champion.

Wiestaw Kramski - CEO and Head of Design

Wiestaw Kramski is a trained toolmaker, an award-winning entrepreneur and the owner of several manufactories. However, he is also an athlete, a musician, a trainer, and a family man - a genuine multi-talent. He was born on November 2nd, 1947 close to Kaiserslautern in Landstuhl, Rhineland-Palatinate, as the son of Polish parents. At the age of 31, Kramski founded his first company, based until today in Birkenfeld: the KRAMSKI GmbH. About twenty years ago, his passion for Golf drove the inventor to develop a precision tool for the golf course: the KRAMSKI High Precision Putter (HPP).

Wiestaw Kramski Interview: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes

(1.) KRAMSKI PUTTER can look back at a memorable company history. How did it all start and what obstacles had to be overcome?
Given that I'm a passionate golfer, I bought a new putter in 2002, as I had often done in the past. This time, I was absolutely certain I had found the perfect one. However, after several rounds on the green, I was disappointed once again. It was impossible to me to find the putter I was dreaming about. Thus, I decided to build it myself. Since I didn't know a thing neither about the development of a putter nor about the golf rules for putters, there were several obstacles that needed to be overcome and it took three years before the first High Precision Putter was finished. Just a few examples: it was unclear how heavy the putter head had to be; the shaft positioning in the putter head was a big problem; with regard to the shafts, it was difficult to find sources of supply. 

(2.) In a sport as well established as golf, there is a multitude of equipment providers. You are competing with big manufacturers, e.g. Callaway, Scotty, or Ping. In light of this mass of offers, what makes a KRAMSKI putter so unique?
Jokingly, I would reply: the price! More seriously speaking, however, it is the holistic nature of our 'Mastering the Green' concept: the fitting of the player, the fitting of the putter, and of course the Putting Academy, which can teach you within a day how to put correctly and successfully. Since we are a very small provider, we naturally can attend to the players' needs very intensively. To us, the review following the seminar is the best affirmation of how well our training works. 

(3.) What makes your fitting different to those offered by your competitors? What am I - as a golfer - to expect if I go for KRAMSKI?

It all begins with the grip. Most players make a huge fuss about the gloves, but expect one grip to fit people ranging from 1.60 m to 2.00 m (5.5 to 7 ft) in height - that doesn't work. At KRAMSKI, we start with the player's grip position and swing plane. After the player did several successful putts with a test putter, every detail will be recorded, and only then, the putter will receive its final finish.

(4.) What do you wish for KRAMSKI PUTTER and the KRAMSKI Putting Academy?
I think it is save to say that KRAMSKI PUTTER as well as the KRAMSKI Putting Academy is now established worldwide. The results achieved with my putters by national and international Academy participants are excellent. Likewise, my experiences with Tour pros or European champions confirm that I'm on the right track and that we are the only company worldwide to provide a holistic putting concept.

(5.) The HPP 300 Junior is the first putter for children that can 'grow along' - a clear sign towards young German talents. How did the thought of producing an ideal sport device for kids develop?

In summer 2011, I observed my granddaughter trying to put with a putter that was much too long. As a result, the wish emerged to develop a putter particularly for children. The specific challenge with regard to the development of a putter for children was to build a putter that can grow along with the child. A significant difference compared to the models for adults is the weight of the putter head. Exchangeable weight inlays enable a physiological change adaptable to the growth of the child. Naturally, the grips, too, are different in size and ergonomics. They are available in two sizes, JXS and JS.

Brand Slogan: Mastering the Green

KRAMSKI PUTTER represents a holistic concept that is the only one of its kind on the market: 'Mastering the Green'. "To master the green, it takes three things: a precise putter, a perfect fitting, and the right putting method. At KRAMSKI, you get it all from a single source and thus, face the best possible conditions for a successful game", company founder and CEO Wiestaw Kramski explains. He developed a custom fitting and furthermore, after extensively analyzing mistakes, a precise application methodology: the KRAMSKI Putt Philosophy. With regard to that, the KRAMSKI Putting Academy was founded in 2009. At the Academy, one can experience the complex aspects of putting in both theory and practice. International Tour professionals, amateurs, and celebrities rely on the expertise and competence of KRAMSKI's team of experts. 'Mastering the Green' reflects the history of KRAMSKI PUTTER: it comprises putters, custom fitting, and the Academy.


It is part of the company's philosophy to take social responsibility and pursue a future-oriented employee policy. Therefore, KRAMSKI recruited specifically over 50-year-old, unemployed goldsmiths from Pforzheim - a radical reaction to the demographic change in Germany. Rudolf Kast, expert on demographics and advisor of the KRAMSKI GmbH, has a wealth of experience with regard to research on age and the process of ageing. What distinguishes older employees from younger ones, according to Kast, is their better feel for quality, their reliability, and the ability to work in a team. With such a crew at his side, KRAMSKI is able to provide a unique level of precision and quality in his putter models. Furthermore, the support of young golf talents is a big and important part of the company's philosophy. An illustration of that is the design and development of the putter HPP 300 Junior for children. Also, young amateurs, such as Dominic Foos at the age of 15 rely on the expert team of KRAMSKI with regard to the fine adjustment of the putter and helpful tips concerning putting.



Design Principles

The KRAMSKI design is dedicated to function. It draws its visual power from its thorough study of the game of golf and its intricacies. This results in stylistic features that provide answers instead of asking questions - an aesthetic functionality second to none. Nothing about a KRAMSKI High Precision Putter is arbitrary, nothing is fashionable or trendy. Quite to the contrary, every KRAMSKI HPP knows that the truth lies on the green. It is this very self-asserted conviction that makes it both attractive and timeless. 



Quality Standard

With a global reputation, the name KRAMSKI is synonymous with technical precision and millimeter-level accuracy, high quality, and zero error tolerance in production. Following this high quality standard, only putters that have been perfectly designed right from the beginning leave the production site. A KRAMSKI Putter is developed like a high-performance tool and in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art technology. After all, the core competencies of the KRAMSKI Group are directed towards the development of high-quality tools used in stamping technology. It is no coincidence that renowned global players, e.g. Bosch or Siemens, rely on KRAMSKI's engineering expertise. Over 40 years of experience went into the development of the KRAMSKI putter and thus turn the High Precision Putter (HPP) into the measure of all things. Due to meticulous studies and analyses of all mechanical processes, no matter if they are physical or are due to the sport device, Wiestaw Kramski and his team were able to collect arguably the biggest amount of data on putting, and a tremendous wealth of experience. Since the demands of the family business concerning functioning, precision, perfection, and durability are very high, it took several months of developmental period and numerous tests and studies to secure the high quality of the putter. Thus, it is not surprising that the KRAMSKI putter regularly scores highly in national and international product reviews.

Manufacturing of a KRAMSKI Putter

Without high technology, a KRAMSKI HPP cannot be made. However, it also takes handcraft and skilled craftsmen. Over 30 individual work processes are required to allow the extraordinary geometric contours of the HPP series to take form. Due to a 3-dimensional milling procedure performed on a high-speed milling machine, it takes about two hours two turn a solid block of material into an aluminum putter head. The models featuring stainless steel take three times longer. After the milling process, each putter head is individually hand-polished by especially skilled craftsmen down to the finest detail. An experienced worker needs about two hours for that. KRAMSKI Putter employs almost exclusively former gold smiths who prove their expertise and elaborateness during these procedures, since the final step can only be completed with a homogenous, absolutely scratch-free surface: the protective finish. The heads are anodized or galvanically refined and are thus, thanks to the premium finish, steeled against signs of wear due to daily use, wind and weather, or the fertilizers used on the green.



KRAMSKI Putt Philosophy

This book reveals the secrets of putting and teaches how to successfully aim, control, and correct, in accordance with the KRAMSKI method. "With the help of the KRAMSKI method, it will be easy to identify and play the right break", promises the book. The author, Wiestaw Kramski, concisely and understandably explains his fitting experiences with national and international top players, austerely pointing out the deficits and deficiencies. Some established claims that have been propagated for years are refuted. A stimulating and well-structured read with the potential to set off discussions and debates - a must for every golfer, no matter if he or she is a professional, an amateur, a trainer, or a hobby player. The print version of roughly 50 pages length is available at ProShops or can be ordered directly at KRAMSKI (ISBN: 978-3-00-026813-7). Those who consider it too exhausting to study the small book all by themselves should look into the course offers of the KRAMSKI Putting Academy, Wiestaw Kramski recommends.

Kramski Putting Academy

“The KRAMSKI Putters shine with a balanced head weight, as well as with a High Precision Grip (HPG) and thus innately allow extremely precise putts,“ says Wiestaw Kramski, and continues, “However, the technology comprised in our putters is not the decisive factor. In order to achieve consistent successes on the green, it takes three things: a precise putter, a perfect fitting, and the right putting method. To allow people to understand and master this holistic, so-called KRAMSKI 'Mastering the Green' approach, we offer standardized fitting appointments with corresponding training units to amateurs and pros.“ The KRAMSKI Putting Academy aims to lastingly improve the players’ putting statistics and guarantees success: if the course participants do not putt better at the end of the day, they will be refunded the full amount of the course fee. The course program ranges from one-day group seminars to workshops and seminars for club fitters. In addition, the Academy offers private training and analysis sessions, including fitting and re-fitting appointments. Even further, it is possible to book a two-day master fitting session with Wiestaw Kramski himself.



KRAMSKI Putter Models and Services

Currently, three type series (Mallet, Blade, Half Mallet) and a total of 16 putter models (for right- and left-handed golfers) by KRAMSKI are available on the market. The material, the variety of colors and protective finish, as well as the optional features represent high comfort and plenty of possibilities to individualize the putters. During the production process of a KRAMSKI putter, high precision milling and elaborate handwork are combined in perfect harmony. A mobile fitting studio, a spacious and modernly furnished test and fitting center, as well as trained dealers and fitting partners are available all around the world to help with the fine adjustments of each putter. Specially developed training aids and putter grips in six different sizes complete the high-quality product portfolio of KRAMSKI Putter.

HPP 300 Junior - a Putter for Children

The mallet putter was developed for children aged six to twelve. Concerning premium quality and precision, the new models are naturally not inferior to the 'big' High Precision Putters. The special feature: the length of the shaft as well as the weight of the putter head can be adjusted individually to the child's development. It is possible to chose from five different colors: blue, light-blue, pink, lilac, or red. Special colors are available by request. The grips are child-appropriate, too, and are available in size JXS or JS. Grip colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, or Black. The price of 695 € includes an one-hour fitting for children, as well as a technical briefing. Further information: 

High Precision Grip (HPG)

The KRAMSKI High Precision Grip (HPG) got the official confirmation of conformity with the rules by St. Andrews R&A. The HPG is an integral part of the KRAMSKI Putter and is now available worldwide. The KRAMSKI grips are designed to fit exactly on a shaft with a diameter of 0.6 Inch (15.2 mm). With the help of a layer of tape, the HPG is easy to attach. The inner diameter, adjusted to the shaft lengths of 31/32, 33/34, and 35/36 provides a snug fit and thus prevents any slippage or shifting even during hot weather. The purpose-designed, integrated rain texture in the palm and thumb zone ensure a stable grip throughout - even under the most adverse conditions. The putter grips are on offer in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Concerning the color, one can chose from blue, red, yellow and black. Further information:

KRAMSKI Golf Innovations

Under the quality label 'KRAMSKI Golf Innovations,' the premium brand presents unique product novelties. As exclusive partner of small, highly innovative companies who share the passion for golf, KRAMSKI PUTTER aims to make exclusive golf accessories available to the general public. Currently, one product is promoted which is supposed to lastingly improve the player's game: the impact swing trainer 'Hole in One'.


(1.) Gives immediate feedback on the perfect impact and rhythm with the golf swing. Consequently, the head speed of the drive and thus length and direction are improved; (2.) Since the 'Hole in One' has a short shaft length of only 70 cm (short version) or 91 cm (long version), the perfect drive can be trained comfortably in-doors at home; (3.) A unique handling: one can change length and speed settings at the adjustable head and gets an audible feedback after the swing; (4.) Available as short or long version.

Further information on the short version and long version