Mastering the Green
A green is a complex place. Whoever wants to conquer it needs a system.

High-precision putters have established themselves as high-performance instruments of the tournament world in a very short amount of time. An individual fitting has set new standards. And the KRAMSKI Putting Academy with the right method for uniquely completes the "Mastering the Green" process.

„I couldn't find the putter that I dreamed about. So, I decided to build myself the best putter in the world.“

Wiestaw Kramski

The Kramski Story

Kramksi Putter's story began in January 2002. The self-made businessman and passionate golfer, Wiestaw Kramski, once again bought a new putter, on which the user could set the lie angle themselves. This time, he was sure that he had found the perfect putter. Unfortunately, after the first test putts on the putting green, he was totally disappointed with the new model. Mildly upset with himself, he decided to develop his own putter - the best putter in the world.

An understandable claim for anyone, who knows the name Kramski from German high-precision tooling. Because for over 30 years, W. Kramski’s company has developed stamped tools for such global players as Bosch and Siemens. Still, it took this trained toolmaker and designer almost three years until he developed the first high-precision putter and got the success story moving. In just five years, Kramski has been able to establish the HPPs as absolute premium putters in the golf scene. Awards, successes on the green, and a growing following is impressive proof that the original wish could be filled.

W. Kramski received multiple awards during his career, for example, first prize in the start-up competition, "Capital", in 1978. He has been recognized three times by Ernst & Young as "Entrepeneur of the Year - Top 100 Nationally". At the end of October 2015, W. Kramski received the award "Pforzheimer Wirtschaftspreis 2015" for his life's work from the city of Pforzheim.

Tests & Awards


Developing and manufacturing technologically-demanding stamped and hybrid parts is the core competency of the KRAMSKI Group. This family company produces about 3 billion parts yearly at their headquarters in Pforzheim, as well as at their subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, the USA, and India. Because of this, the company, which was founded in 1978 by Wiestaw Kramski and has about 800 employees, has developed into an international leader in technology.

Their customers come from various industries, such as automobile, electronics, telecommunications, medical, solar, and consumer goods. Included in these companies are global players such as Siemens, Delphi, Epcos, and the technology group, Bosch, which has awarded KRAMSKI multiple times with the status, “Preferred Supplier”.

A compliment, which proves: regardless, whether it’s industrial or golf – a product from KRAMSKI is always something special.

As an exclusive partner of the sport of golf, we are proud sponsors of the KRAMSKI Deutsche Golf Liga (DGL).