Every KRAMSKI High Precision Putter (HPP) is high-tech and "Made by KRAMSKI". Highly innovative engineering and uncompromising execution - from the production to the perfect fitting. With good reason, the reputation of the KRAMSKI HPP as the most precise putter in the world is flying high.

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Through the KRAMSKI Putting Academy, we provide support for our perfect putter with a just-as-revolutionary putting methodology. The great success of our tour pros and amateurs proves that our "Mastering the Green" concept sustainably improves your game on the green.

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With us, our self-image and our public image go together. Records, such as the two best played rounds of golf ever in Germany or receiving three times the best rating from "Golf Test USA" with various KRAMSKI HPP models, underline this in a very impressive way.

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We are not an 'over the top' luxury brand, but rather, a passionate putter manufactory that is at home on the green and stays in contact with its customers. We also distribute our putters ourselves and answer your questions personally.

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When you buy a KRAMSKI High Precision Putter (HPP), you automatically join our Owners Club. As a member, you have privileged access to our golf trips and tournaments, as well as special conditions for all our seminars and products.

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