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HPP 333Ti - The putter for generations

PM – Birkenfeld 29.04.2020



The limited edition HPP330 – the mallet classic made from stainless steel - has been the flagship product of our brand KRAMSKI for a long time. With over 1,000 pieces sold the limit of that special edition has now been reached.


Successor is our new limited-edition premium model HPP33Ti. This innovative putter is made of high-class titanium giving it its characteristically high hardness, resistance to abrasion, corrosion and wearing in general. The HPP333Ti is extremely durable making it the perfect putter to pass on to future generations to continue playing.


The shiny metallic material titanium is very difficult in processing. Hence, the new titanium putter is manufactured in over 30 complex high-tech steps and afterwards refined by hand. Striking is the Ti logo on both sides of the clubhead. Production of the HPP333 Ti is limited to 333 putters per year and each putter receives an unique serial number.


The shape and style of the HPP333 Ti incorporates the distinctive head geometry with the characteristically milling pattern in its sole. The design patented mallet shape (triangular form) with its prominent alignment is well-proven and has achieved many successes and awards on international greens – among them the sought-after Seal of Excellence, the award as best putter and the nomination for the German Design Award. Amateurs as well as national and international professionals swear by the precision and perfection of KRAMSKI Putter.


With individual engraving on both sides the HPP 333 Ti represents the fusion of functionality. Precision and durability – an everlasting worth with individual note.


The limited-edition model is characterized by a special polyurethane soft insert. The precision-ground clubface with its very large sweet spot in combination with the KRAMSKI line system and the special construction of the sole with the grooved pattern guarantees a highly precise game. The insert on the clubface absorbs problems that can arise because of the dimples of the ball. In addition, the error forgiving properties and the special high precision grip with its unique profile allow an incomparable feeling and are the basis for big fun and success at putting.


Different weight inserts allow further differentiation and personalization of the putter. The head weight can be adapted per single gram up to 10 grams. The alignment is then tested together with the player in the course of fitting.


Being of exceptionally high quality, manufactured with highest precision and perfectly harmonized with each player via KRAMSKI individual fitting methodology the high-tech titanium putter HPP333 Ti already has many enthusiasts.


Situated in a higher price rage, this highly precise and valent premium product is a long-term investment independent from short-lived trends that represents the key to your success in putting.


The players having a KRAMSKI High Precision Putter in their bag surely will not ever give it away – except pass it on to the next generation.




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