Gift Certificates

Academy Level 1

"With this gift certificate, you receive a Mastering the Green seminar Level 1.

This seminar offers amateurs of all handicap levels the chance to learn basics and techniques for successful putting in an intensive day-long training session. The seminar includes a theoretical and a practical section.

Learning Objectives

  • The perfect grip
  • Aligning the ball and aiming
  • The perfect ball position at the moment of impact
  • The optimal putting stroke

Practical Objectives

  • Implementing the theoretical basics
  • A personal fitting using the SAM Lab as support
  • Individual training for every participant with our coaching
  • Documentation of progress using modern technical means (e.g. SAM Lab, High-speed camera)

Goethestr. 49
75217 Birkenfeld Germany

The gift certificate will be mailed to you by post after payment."

425,00 €*