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Individual Training

With this gift certificate you receive an individual two hours Mastering the Green training in the KRAMSKI Putting Academy with trainer Michael Torres. On request the training can as well take place with Wiestaw Kramski – for this purpose please contact us personally. In the course of the two hours training the necessary basic knowledge for successful putting will be covered. The training session contains the following topics:

Player Analysis
Consideration of the actual weaknesses and mistakes as personally perceived. We analyze the current state of putting, the grip, the response position and the swing path via high speed cameras (SAM PuttLab).

Practical Training
The training gives an understanding of a methodical and repeatable putting motion teaches proper aiming according to the reference line on the ball. The aim of the two hours training is the acquirement of a putting routine consisting of:

  • Aiming
  • Ball position
  • Response position
  • Practice swing
  • Impact moment
  • Distance control

Goethestr. 49 75217
Birkenfeld Germany
Phone. +49-7231-4245-430
Fax. +49-7231-4245-49

Costs for the two hours training session (incl. drinks) with trainer Michael Torres: 200,- € incl. tax. Personal training with Wiestaw Kramski on request. In case you want to participate together with your partner the joint costs for two hours training are: 300,- € incl. tax.

The gift certificate will be mailed to you by post after payment."

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