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Putter Fitting

With this gift certificate you receive one personal fitting session (45min) in the KRAMSKI Putting Academy.

Regardless of whether you are a tour professional or amateur – without professional custom fitting no player is able to release all of his actual potential. In order to achieve sovereignty and self-confidence on the green the player and his putter need to be accurately harmonized. In this field as well, KRAMSKI is setting standards. Even if the importance of custom fitting is a common topic in our golf world the three most important aspects of successful fitting usually are being disregarded: a holistic approach in analysis, the precision of implementation and the repeatability on the green.

Holistic approach in analysis A holistic approach in analysis at KRAMSKI means more than just the capture of length and/or lie settings. We start with the player himself and his/her putting results. The first step is to investigate his/her aiming methodology and response position respectively the setup. Subsequently, we analyze the biomechanical putting movement via high speed cameras and where necessary with the SAM PuttLab before the impact moment is being considered in the course of impact analysis. Precision of implementation Findings from analysis are incorporated in the adjustment of length, lie, weight dispersion within the shaft (counterbalancing) and even the grip size (S, M, L, XL, XXL). Based on these measures, a new putter can be copied accurately at a later point in time. The individual adjustment of the grip size is a total novelty on the golf market, possible only due to our own development and production activities at KRAMSKI. The distinctiveness in this context is not the fact that these adjustment options are available but rather the degree of precision they are performed with. When it comes to our highly precise implementation all our customers recognize that the know-how of KRAMSKI is rooted in German high-performance toolmaking.

Exact repeatability of the putt
The last step in the KRAMSKI fitting process is ensuring later repeatability of the setup on the green. Therefore, we designed and patented our training console HPT 40 that enables everyone to accurately identify and stabilize his/her standing and impact position. In using our HPT 40, possible sources of error and wrong swing paths are eliminated and the „Mastering the Green“ process is accelerated.

You are interested in having an individual fitting session with our master fitter Michael Torres? Contact us and book your appointment!
We strongly advise you to bring you current putter to the fitting session.
The session lasts for 45min and costs 75,- € incl. tax.

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