It doesn't matter whether you are a tour professional or an amateur - without a professional custom fitting, a player cannot reach his potential.

Even though many are debating about the meaning of a custom fitting, the three most important factors of a successful custom fitting are mostly being ignored: comprehensiveness, in the analysis, precision of the application, and the repeatability on the greens.

For booking your personal fitting please contact us directly via phone or mail.



A comprehensive approach at KRAMSKI means more than recording the length and/or lie-angle position. It begins with the players themselves. Using their putting results as a starting point, their method for aiming and their ball-addressing position (a.k.a. setup) will be examined.

After that, the biomechanics of the player’s putt stroke will be analyzed using high-speed cameras and simulation software, before the actual moment of impact will be looked at within the framework of an impact analysis.



The results of the analysis flow into the settings for length, lie, weight distribution in the shaft (counterbalancing), and even in the fitting of the grip size (S, M, L, XL). The last represents an absolute novelty on the putting market and is only possible at this level because of our own grip development and manufacturing at KRAMSKI.

The special part is not necessarily that we are able fit someone so well, but rather the precision with which we do it. What would be the reason to research the ideal lie variation, when you only approximate it? At the very latest, when our customer experiences this precise implementation, they recognize that KRAMSKI know-how comes from German precision tooling. Know-how, which is trusted by well known, global players from the automotive, telecommunications, and electronics industries, when they need high-end solutions. 



The last step in the KRAMSKI fitting process is the guarantee that the setup is repeatable on the green. That is why we developed and patented our HPT 40 training console. Every customer is able to find their setup and impact positions, as well as solidify them, with this training aid. Through its use, possible mistakes are corrected, errant putt strokes are corrected, and the “Mastering the Green” process is sped up.


Prices for custom fitting (45 min)
€ 75 / 1 Person
€ 100 / 2 Persons