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Wiestaw Kramski: Looking Back at 2017 and Glancing Ahead at 2018

Pforzheim – 06.11.2017.

The year as well as the golf season are drawing to a close. Time to sum up the past year and to look forward to all the things to come in the new one. We wanted to know about Wiestaw Kramski's thoughts on 2017 and what we is looking forward to in 2018.


What was your favorite moment at the golf course in 2017?
My stay at Fancourt, South Africa, in March: I played the best round of golf of my life so far, a 75. At that day at the Outeniqua course, everything went smoothly and every putt was perfect. Absolutely fantastic!Shortly after, I played a very good 78 round at the same course. Yet, of course, I dream of having a single digit handicap at one point.


Which player impressed you the most this year?
I was most impressed by British golfer Paul Waring, one of our contract players. One day before Christmas in 2016, he received a putter, a personal fitting, and a putt training – almost like a Christmas gift. This individualized HPP 326 TP, he took home and trained for four weeks. And then, at the first tournament of the European Tour in South Africa, he almost won! In the end, he finished second and had the best putting stats of all players – that made quite an impression. Additionally, he also very quickly secured a tour card for himself for the golf season 2017.


Which new insights were you able to add to your putting method?
Early in the year, I observes at the European Tour in South Africa that many pros played the ball with too low speed towards the hole. Consequently, I developed the Pace 'n' Break Master. It's an intelligent training tool which enables each player to analyze the position of each putt and thus, to improve his or her skills very precisely. With an ideal ball speed, the ball stops 50 to 70 cm behind the hole. That is something you have to keep in mind and which you have to train consciously for – the Pace 'n' Break Master can help a great deal with this learning process.


What are you looking forward to in 2018?
First, I'm looking forward to traveling to South Africa in January. This time, I will be able to stay a little longer and thus, can work some more on my putting method. I want to do several tests, for example with the portable putt machine. Over the course of the last years, I was able to gain quite a couple of insights with regard to balls, but also with regard to weather influences on the green. What changes if the green is wet – or dry? And how can you adapt your own material to the conditions?


Will you tell us what you are currently working on?
Currently, we are doing a facelift for our HPP 326 TP. The same is planned for the HPP 338 TP, which will also be further improved. This blade putter will be equipped with a soft insert and thus, will get a new number. There will be successor model for the HPP 330 TP and a limited edition of the new model. However, details are still a secret.


How many Tour players are under contract and what have you planned?
At the moment, it's a total of 16 players playing at various professional tours. Next year, we would like to convince more international players of our putters and holistic approach. For example, we would like a player f the PGA TOUR to sign with us. We are aiming of becoming even more popular internationally – and that is exactly what we will try to achieve in 2018!


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Wiestaw Kramski  is satisfied with the past year.

Wiestaw Kramski is satisfied with the past year.