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Continuously Setting Records with KRAMSKI PUTTER – Hinrich Arkenau Wins Sparkassen Open 2017 With 59er Round

Pforzheim – 04.09.2017.

Hinrich Arkenau achieved at the Sparkassen Open 2017 what only few golfers ever master during their career. At the par 72 course of the Bochum Golf Club, he played a score of 59 – not only the first step towards winning the tournament, but also a historical moment of golf sports. Only one other German professional golfer so far managed the same success: back in 2006, Martin Kaymer played a 59 at the Habsberg Classic. What makes these rounds so special is the fact, that both Kaymer as well as Arkenau played a KRAMSKI High Precision Putter.


Surely, the 27-year-old Arkenau will remember the Sparkassen Open for a while, which took place from July 6th to 8th, 2017. At the first round alrealy, he was to play the best round of his career. 59 hits, 13 birdies, and 5 pars was the exceptional result which Arkenau could proudly note down onto his score card. This makes the golfer one of very few international players who ever managed a 59 round on a 72 course. During his record round, Arkenau appeared to be very relaxed and laid-back. According to the golf pro, “You just continue to play and try to score at each hole. Of course, you're glad about every birdie, but I, personally, did not really think about the 59. That was kind of hanging in the air, but not really as something that is really about to happen. Until my last putt, I did not believe in a 59.” Even after the tournament, Arkenau could hardly believe his triumphant performance: “It takes a while until you fully realize such a result. But it is amazing! The 59 feels like a tournament win, and nobody can take it away from you. I will always be proud of this.“


With Precision to Success

Company founder Wiestaw Kramski is equally proud. “A 59er round is something happening maybe once every ten years. Martin Kaymer held this record for 11 years as only German golfer to achieve it. Now Arkenau is following in his footsteps. That both players celebrated their sensational success with a KRAMSKI Putter is great and makes me very proud. And of course, it speaks for the quality of our KRAMSKI High Precision Putter.“Many Tour pros from around the world rely on this quality. Since September 2016, Arkenau is one of them. After a fitting with Wiestaw Kramski at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy in Pforzheim-Birkenfeld, he received his individually adjusted HPP 326 TP. Wiestaw Kramski did not only win him over with the advantages of the putter itself, but also with the unique KRAMSKI Putting Method. Ever since Arkenau is training and playing his KRAMSKI Putter, he improves his short game further and further. Shortly before the Sparkassen Open, he met with Wiestaw Kramski at the BMW International Open in Munich at the end of June, to review several details and 'fine-tune' his putting. Putting is a very precise aspect of golfing which relies on parameters such as grip, ball position, aiming direction, and pace which all need to be united in a well-balanced technique. In Bochum then, the training showed its worth. “Wiestaw Kramski helped me to prepare for the tournament. On the green, my KRAMSKI putter soon showed its qualities and thus, I was able to play such an incredible score directly during the first round.“


On the Road to Victory

Despite his spectacular start, however, winning the tournament was still a piece of work for Arkenau. After a solid round of 65, he entered the final round with 20 under par and with six hits to the Dutch Dylan Boshart. This round, Arkenau finished with 68 and thus, was only one count ahead of British golfer Ben Parker. Yet, even despite the tight win at the end, Arkenau was still delighted about his record round. Arkenau's performance at the Sparkassen Open proves that he is currently riding on a wave of success. His victory in Bochum was already the third on at the Pro Golf Tour. In 2016, Arkenau won the Kosaido Düsseldorf Open and the Lotos Polish Open. In the current season, he is ranked 14th at the Pro Golf Tour Order of Merit, getting closer and closer to the top ten. And especially now after his 59er round, Arkenau and his KRAMSKI Putter will surely continue to succeed on the green.


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The 59er record round helped Hinrich Arkenau to win the Sparkassen Open 2017 (Image © Pro Golf Tour)

The dream of every golfer: a 59 on one's score card. (Image © Pro Golf Tour)

Hinrich Arkenau and Wiestaw Kramski during the fitting at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy in September 2016.