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Similar, But Not the Same: Second KRAMSKI Putter HPP 326 TP for Paul Waring

Pforzheim – 11.09.2017.

It has only been nine months since Paul Waring received his first HPP 326 TP. Since September 7th, a second KRAMSKI Putter of the same model is now also part of the golfer's bag. “The specifications of the both putters are nearly identical – except for one thing,” company founder Wiestaw Kramski explains. “For the new putter, we assembled the loft with 3° degrees.“


The wish for a back-up putter developed during Paul Waring's last tournament in Prague, Czech. “The greens have been considerably slower. And some greens had qualitative differences as well,” he states. “Thus, I thought, I need a bigger loft.” The Tour pro is convinced that a putter with a bigger loft ensures better results on slower greens. The specialists at the KRAMSKI putt studio therefore assembled a second HPP 326 TP for the British golfer.


When Waring came by for a visit, the older HPP 326 TP was checked first. After the fitting of the second KRAMSKI putter, the golf pro also received helpful tips for precise putting. The Brit also took Wiestaw Kramski's advice to do a trial hit directly over the ball to heart. The putt guru explains: “If a player does the trial hit in front of the ball, it provokes a wrong swing level.”


Interview with Paul Waring during his visit at the KRAMSKI Putt Studio


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One day before Christmas 2016, Paul Waring received his first HPP 326 TP from Wiestaw Kramski – almost like a Christmas gift.