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Even better Scores – Addition to the Pace 'n' Break Master

Pforzheim - 07.05.2018.

The Pace 'n' Break Master is KRAMSKI's most recent intelligent training tool. It was launched on time for the season's start in 2017. Ever since, amateurs as well as golf pros such as Richard Sterne, rely on this new training innovation.


The Pace'n'Break Master is a transparent spring element with a plastic lid. It adjusts perfectly to every hole diameter and thus, closes off the hole. While training, you can see and hear the result: does the ball roll past the hole and if so, how far? A perfect shot will be one where the ball stops 50 to 70 cm past the hole. This was the result of numerous tests with the putting machine Wiestaw Kramski conducted and of meticulous observation of countless break putts of world class players.


Since March 2018, the fantastic tool has officially been registered for international patent approval in Japan and allows players to evaluate their putts in detail thanks to a point system. This system was developed by Wiestaw Kramski and is now included in every Pace 'n' Break order as a brochure either in English or in German. It is quite easy: every putt is noted down in a table and at the end of the day, the numbers are added up. How many points did I accumulate? If the result is over 800 points, you can be very proud of yourself! If the total is less than 300, there is a lot of potential for improvement.


“The new method shows everyone how well they putt”, explains Wiestaw Kramski. “With regard to putting, nothing is more important than the speed at the hole – a ball played to short will never be holed. Our error analysis on the greens of the European Tour proved that even professionals often lack enough ball speed.” The Pase 'n' Breal Master is an essential part of the KRAMSKI Mastering the Green concept. Golfers of all handicaps are able to learn the ideal putt length and ball speed. Subconsciously, the many repetitions – of up-hill and down-hill putts – train the ideal putt length and perfect ball speed. The aim, of course, is, to lastingly improve everyone's short game.


Here you can order the Pace'n'Break Master with all additions:
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Der KRAMSKI Pace ’n’ Break Master hilft seit 2017 Spielern vom Pro bis zum Amateur dabei, Ihre Puttstatistik nachhaltig zu verbessern.

From amateur to pro: since 2017, the KRAMSKI Pace 'n' Break Master helps to improve the putting stats.

Ziel beim Training mit dem Pace ’n’ Break Master ist es, zu lochen und die perfekte Ballgeschwindigkeit einzuueben.

Training with the Pace 'n' Break Master helps to master the perfect ball speed in order to hole the ball.