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Paving the Way to Success – The Highly Effective KRAMSKI Mastering the Green Concept

Pforzheim – 18.09.2017.

If a European Tour pro decides to switch to KRAMSKI Putter shortly before an important tournament, one thing is clear: only again, Wiestaw Kramski convinced a professional golfer of his putting method and the quality of his High Precision Putters. Yet, the error-forgiving putters are only one reason why golfers of all handicaps are impressed and keen on the KRAMSKI brand. The Mastering the Green concept is an important part with regard to a successful game on the green.


The 59 record round of Hinrich Arkenau at the beginning of this year's Sparkassen Open in early July in Bochum, was a sensational success. So far, only Martin Kaymer managed such a low score in Germany back in 2006. “Both players used a KRAMSKI High Precision Putter for their record rounds,” Wiestaw Kramski explains proudly. “Of course Hinrich Arkenau is an excellent golfer. Yet, his amazing score of 59 at the par 72 course of the Bochum Golf Club also attests to the quality of our High Precision Putter.” However, even the most precise putter can only perform averagely, if played by someone without the right method and technique. Exactly for that reason, Wiestaw Kramski personally tries to take on as many putter fittings as possible at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy. “The fitting and the first training should take place at a putting studio, supported and supervised by an expert,” Kramski recommends.


On Tour With the Fitting Bus
On July 26th, Wiestaw Kramski was at the Green Eagle Golf Course in Hambrug to provide last minute fittings and expert advice in the run-up the the Porsche European Open. Apart from the KRAMSKI brand ambassadors Richard Sterne, Florian Fritsch, and Hinrich Arkenau, Tour pro Trevor Fisher Jr also participated in the training. After a promising trial round, he chose a KRAMSKI HPP 326 TP. With it, he played quite successfully in the tournament and achieved a tied 19th rank. After the Porsche European Open, the KRAMSKI Fitting Bus continued its way to Cologne. There, Wiestaw Kramski and Michael Torres, trainer at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy, conducted a training session with PGA Golf Professionals at the Cologne Golf Club. This was part of the “Further Qualification of Golf Instructors to Masters of German Golf” of the Sports University Cologne. The seminar participants around Martin Hasenbein, lecturer of module 12 (golf), were introduced to the KRAMSKI Putting Philosophy in theory and practice. “It's all about manipulation-free putting,” explains Michael Torres. “Not every putt needs to hole after our training. Yet, the participants should be able to determine within seconds, why the putt was not successful.”


Putt Training With Guaranteed Success
At the KRAMSKI Putting Academy in Pforzheim-Birkenfeld or at WIESSEEGOLF at Tegernsee, amateurs and professionals can regularly attend putting seminars and workshops. The individual fitting of every putter to the respective player is always part of the training. Wiestaw Kramski states: “Our 'Perfect Putting' seminars further include an exact analysis of the putt with the help of modern technology and a training session with the KRAMSKI training tools.” The training console HPT 40, for example, helps to determine the personal impact position. The most recent KRAMSKI tool, the Pace'n'Break Master, systematically analyzes the ball speed. “I'm quite proud that our seminar participants verifiably improve their short game,” say Wiestaw Kramski. “If this should ever not be the case, our policy includes a full refund of the seminar costs.”


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Wiestaw Kramski with PGA Golf Professionals during the training at the Cologne GC.

With the KRAMSKI Pace'n'Break Master, it becomes easy to determine the ideal ball speed.