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Visit from the North at KRAMSKI PUTTER

Pforzheim – 19.09.2017.

“For better putts, no way is to far” - that is what Susanne Gieseler and Sigird Packeiser from Maritim Golfclub Ostsee e.V. might have said and stopped for a visit at the KRAMSKI Putt Studio in Birkenfeld on September 15th.


They were greeted by fitting expert Michael Torres. He introduced the two amateur golfers to the KRAMSKI putting method in theory and practice. At the end of the day, both guests were highly satisfied. “The course content was immensely interesting and was taught well,” Susanne Gieseler summarizes. “Above all, it was also a lot of fun. An absolutely successful day.”


The both golfers had read about Martin Kaymer's legendary 59er round the golf professional played with a KRAMSKI Putter back in 2006. Ever since, they were curious about Wiestaw Kramski's High Precision Putters and the holistic approach of the KRAMSKI Putt Philosophy.


Highly motivated by their successful day at the KRAMSKI Putt Studio, both golfers continued further South on Friday night. The good feeling of putting better remains and will surely stay with them upon their return to their home course up North.


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Wiestae Kramski personally welcomed Susanne Gieseler and Sigrid Packeiser from the Maritim Golfclub Ostsee e.V. at the KRAMSKI Putt Studio.