The Pace 'n' Break Master is KRAMSKI's most recent intelligent training tool. It was launched on time for the season's start in 2017. Ever since, amateurs as well as golf pros such as Richard Sterne, rely on this new training innovation. The Pace'n'Break Master is a transparent spring element with a plastic lid. It adjusts perfectly to every hole diameter and thus, closes off the hole. While training, you can see and hear the result: does the ball roll past the hole and if so, how far? A perfect shot will be one where the ball stops 50 to 70 cm past the hole. This was the result of numerous tests with the putting machine Wiestaw Kramski conducted and of meticulous observation of countless break putts of world class players. Since March 2018, the fantastic tool has officially been registered for international patent approval in Japan and allows players to evaluate their putts in detail thanks to a point system. This system was developed by Wiestaw Kramski and is now included in...



On the last day of the Old Mutual Zimbabwe Open (April 19th to 22nd), Bryce Easton won with -9, securing another victory at the Sunshine Tour 2018.Ever since his visit at the KRAMSKI Putt Studio in March 2017, the golf pro is a passionate KRAMSKI ambassador. With a total of 16 under par, Easton won the second tournament of the Sunshine Tour in the 2018/2019 season. This moves him to a current second rank in the Order of Merit. Following this success, Easton personally thanked KRAMSKI PUTTER: “In the final round, I had 28 putts! A great thank you to KRANSKI PUTTER, especially to Wiestaw Kramski.” Wiestaw Kramski had met the pro a day prior to the Dimension Data Pro-Am tournament in Fancourt (February 15th to 18th) in order to train together and fine-tune Easton's putter. Last year, the 2017 Zimbabwe Open had been won by a KRAMSKI Putter player as well – JC Ritchie was won over by the proven qualities early in 2017 and putted himself with the fitted KRAMSKI Putter to the top. This...


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