What made you engineer a putter?

I had bought yet another putter and thought to myself that it would be better than the last one because its lie could be adjusted. But I was completely wrong. I was really angry with myself, because I already owned five putters. Then I decided to develop the best putter in the world myself.

How long did it take you to develop the first model?

I wasn’t on a schedule, and I had no idea about the rules or what I was and wasn’t allowed to do. At first, I only did sporadic development work. Things became more and more interesting and fun for me from the fifth prototype onwards. It took two-and-a-half to three years for me to obtain the first approval from R+A St. Andrews for the HPP 330.

Why are your putters so expensive?

Premium quality made in Germany. It is no coincidence that the ‘HPP’ in the names of our putters stands for ‘High Precision Putter.’ They are manufactured with the utmost precision and are very forgiving. Ninety-nine of all KRAMSKI putters are also sold fitted – tailor-made!

Who uses your putters?

Since we’re a small company, we don’t have the funds to sponsor a huge number of tour players. We’re proud of the successes scored with our putter, as exemplified by Markus Brier, who won his first PGA tour, in Austria. The best round of golf ever in Germany – a 59 in Habsberg in 2006 – was shot with an HPP 325. And it was also with a KRAMSKI HPP 325 putter that the record at St. Andrews Old Course was set: 10 below par. In 2010, Laura Davis won in both Gut Häusern as well as on the Ladies PGA in New Zealand.

On the Amateur Tour, we’re especially proud of the victory achieved by Sean Einhaus at the 2007 Orange Bowl in Orlando along with numerous course records all the way to Australia. The reigning European Amateur Champion uses an HPP 325. Alexander Knappe was the Men’s 2010 German Matchplay Master.

KRAMSKI also has numerous fans among VIPs such as Boris Becker, Franz Beckenbauer, Fritz and Elmar Wepper, Michael Lesch, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Heiner Lauterbach, Lars Riedel, Jürgen Hingsen and Dieter Thoma.

Is it true that you actually never intended to sell putters?

KRAMSKI GmbH is a supplier to the high-performance toolmaking industry. Our customers include Bosch worldwide (automotive sector) as well as companies in the medical and solar industries. And of course, we adhere to the motto: Stick to what you do best! The whole putter story merely started as a hobby – albeit a very passionate and time-consuming one. But once I started receiving such wonderful feedback on my first few putters, my friends and family convinced me to manufacture them as well. The HPP 330 was released as a limited edition of 1,000 units. It was followed by the next model, the HPP 325. This was the putter used to score the best round of Golf in Germany: a 59. That triggered the foundation of KRAMSKI PUTTER GmbH in 2004.

How many models do you currently have on the market?

We officially have 13 KRAMSKI Putter models on the market. In fact, however, we offer many more models on account of the differences in shafts, sight systems and soft inserts in the striking face. They are also available in a variety of optional colors. Plus, all our putters ship in left and right hand variants. And the same holds true for our training equipment.

What is so special about KRAMSKI putters?

Basically, it’s the fact that they’re very forgiving. As far as our mallets go, I would say it’s the sight system, which improves aim significantly. When it comes to our blades and half mallets, it’s the unusually high forgiveness.

You are the only putter manufacturer that produces its own grips from scratch. Why?

After some 5 years of fitting experience, I found that modern grips may look nice, but that their function is impaired – especially when re-gripping. So I spent a year developing the KRAMSKI grip, for which I obtained a certification of conformity with international golf play rules.

What is so special about KRAMSKI grips?

We have a different grip for each shaft length. This makes our grips unique the world over. Function is given top priority, followed by looks! They are available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL.

What’s your opinion on jumbo grips?

Well, basically, I think that the trend to thick grips is going in the wrong direction. I have found that thin grips are more advantageous when putting. Golfers often forget that their right hand has to reach a certain position before they can exert the right amount of pressure on the grip. In addition, changing the grip diameter changes the ball position.

What was the greatest difficulty you had to overcome in developing your putters?

In the beginning, I had absolutely no clue. It wasn’t easy to determine the right shaft position. But the biggest problem I face is the players – whether they are amateurs or pros. Since people learn to play golf and train wrong 90% of the time, it took me years to analyze everything. I second-guessed everything: the grooves, the grip pressure and the swing plane, and tested everything myself. The biggest problem of all was the force of habit!

Can one really learn how to putt properly in just one day at your Putting Academy?

What good is the world’s best putter if you don’t know your ball position? This is why the KRAMSKI PUTTER Academy was established. You definitely learn what’s right and wrong in theory and practice in a day. You are also given a lot of time to practice and are instructed perfectly by our experts.

How has the Putting Academy been received?

We opened our Putting Academy in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim in 2010. At present, we are fully booked three to four months in advance. We fit in people applying in groups whenever we can. Group may include four to six people, possibly plus the pro. Participants receive instruction in the theory and practice of putting, learning how to correct mistakes. Basically, the players themselves must be able to identify their mistakes and know why they fail to sink putts.

What do you have your sights set on next?

Academy graduates often ask us when we will start offering a follow-up seminar for advanced players. This is what we’re working on right now. Our Putting Academy is currently being reproduced in various countries.