Regardless of whether you are a tour professional or an amateur, it is impossible to realize your full potential without custom fitting. To gain poise and self-assuredness on the green, the player and putter must be fine-tuned to each other. Another area in which Kramski sets standards.

Despite the omnipresent discussions in the golf scene on the significance of custom fitting, the three major keys to successful fitting are often disregarded: holistic approach to the analysis, precision in implementation and reproducibility on the green.

Holistic Analysis

Taking a holistic view at Kramski involves more than merely recording the length and/or lie angle settings. It starts with the player him or herself. Putting results are used as a basis for examining aim techniques, response position and setup. This is followed by an analysis of the player’s putting biomechanics using high-speed cameras and simulation software before subjecting the moment of impact to an impact analysis.

Accurate Implementation

The results of the analysis are factored into the length, lie, weight distribution within the shaft (counterbalancing) and even into the grip size (S, M, L or XL). The latter is an absolute novelty in the putter market and is made possible only by Kramski’s proprietary grip engineering and in-house production.

The real stand-out feature, however, is not so much the fact that these adjustment options exist, but rather the precision with which they are implemented. After all, what good does the determination of the ideal lie variant do if one only tries to approximate the bend? Once our customers reach the precise implementation stage they realize that Kramski’s know-how originates from Germany’s tradition of high-performance toolmaking. Know-how in which renowned global players in the automotive, telecommunications and electronics industries trust especially when absolutely high-end solutions are sought (

Perfect Putt Repeatability

The final step of the Kramski Fitting Process consists of ensuring the repeatability of the setup on the green. This is why we developed and patented our HPT 40 training console with which any customer can precisely determine and reinforce his or her stance and impact position. This allows potential sources of error to be eliminated, false swing movements to be corrected and the “Mastering the Green” process to be accelerated.