The unique design of KRAMSKI PUTTER turns 15. Individuality is combined with elegance and this anniversary calls for a celebration – together with the customers of KRAMSKI PUTTER: to each putter purchased at the Online Shop until February 28th, 2017, the premium manufacturer adds either a free custom fitting (75 Euros worth) or a free score card holder (39 Euros worth) as a goodie on top. Company founder Wiestaw Kramski reveals more about the unique design and the technology behind it in an interview:Mr Kramski, how important are trends for you? Kramski: I don't follow trends. Rather, I rely on my intuition. It's great so see - especially in Germany - that more and more golfers and teaching pros return to valuing quality and sustainability. Unique, lasting products have become more important again. Quick consumption is out, as is the “the cheaper the better” mentality, especially with regard to putters. And that is great! Like the putter you named almost 15 years ago?Kramski: ...



“The final hit from a one meter distance is equally important to the 250 meter drive”, explains putt guru Wiestaw Kramski, company founder of the putter forge KRAMSKI PUTTER from Baden-Wuerttemberg. A crucial factor is a highly precise putter as well as the individual fitting of each putter-player team. The fitting of the putter is an essential element for KRAMSKI. Only with an individually fitted putter, Tour professionals as well as amateurs are able to play to their full potential. The first Fitting  is for the basic settings. Yet, these settings should be checked regularly and, if necessary, need to be adjusted. KRAMSKI offers its customers a re-fittingfor their already fitted putters at the KRAMSKI Putting Academy for only 50 Euros. Custom Fitting at The KRAMSKI Putting Academy The last meters on the course decide whether it's victory or defeat. Years of KRAMSKI experience have confirmed: even the tiniest mistake counts. Thus, a good fitting is everything with regard...


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