For 15 years now, the KRAMSKI High Precision Putter of the mallet, blade, and half-mallet series prove their worth as premium putters. Exceptional sporting performances such as the best golf round of Germany or the new course record at the Scottish traditional golf club of St. Andrews with 10 under par attest their quality. Having developed as a spin-off of the automotive supplier KRAMSKI, KRAMSKI PUTTER is known for exceptional product quality and absolute precision. At the heart of the company's holistic philosophy stands the broad portfolio of services in combination with excellent support and advice for every customer. Social commitment as well as active support of the golf sport are other important features of the mid-sized business from Baden-Wuerttemberg. As title sponsor of the German Golf League, KRAMSKI furthermore supports young talents and the development of golf in Germany. Speaking in images, KRAMSKI PUTTER might be called the cherry on the cake with regard to the...



Precision and quality are the typical characteristics of a premium putter. But KRAMSKI provides much more than high quality sports devices. It also offers its customers the sensational feeling of having found the perfect solution for improving their score. The models of the high-end brand are part of the holistic system. Continuous testing and further development ensure the product quality. Individual needs of the golfers are analyzed and satisfied in a personal fitting. The results of the KRAMSKI Putting Academy provide additional material to complete the full success on the green. And last but not least, the service package provided by KRAMSKI guarantees that the customers have access to a range of services, offering considerable benefits for the worldwide community of professionals and amateurs. The outstanding quality of the KRAMSKI putter model blade, mallet, and half-mallet is undisputed. KRAMSKI's strategy of highest precision and quality are illustrated by a number of...


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