The most recent addition to the ranks of KRAMSKI ambassadors is Ali Altuntas who met Wiestaw Kramski in March 2017. His trainer Cahit Kaya, fully qualified PGA Teaching Pro, was thrilled with regard to his visit to the KRAMSKI Putting Studio. As quickly as possible, he wanted to introduce the putt guru to his best player. To this end, both traveled to Fancourt, South Africa. There, Wiestaw Kramski fitted Ali Altuntas. “I noticed we had the same parameters with regard to the putter,” Kramski remembers. “Thus, I offered him my putter for the start.” During the joined training session, the putting expert observed the technique of 21-year-old Altuntas closely and taught him the KRAMSKI putting method. In the following months, the young player improved his putting statistics noticeably. “I continuously got positive information on successes from Turkey,” Kramski says. Ever since he had used my putter and relied on the Mastering the Green concept, Ali managed to save two to three...



The year as well as the golf season are drawing to a close. Time to sum up the past year and to look forward to all the things to come in the new one. We wanted to know about Wiestaw Kramski's thoughts on 2017 and what we is looking forward to in 2018. What was your favorite moment at the golf course in 2017?My stay at Fancourt, South Africa, in March: I played the best round of golf of my life so far, a 75. At that day at the Outeniqua course, everything went smoothly and every putt was perfect. Absolutely fantastic!Shortly after, I played a very good 78 round at the same course. Yet, of course, I dream of having a single digit handicap at one point. Which player impressed you the most this year?I was most impressed by British golfer Paul Waring, one of our contract players. One day before Christmas in 2016, he received a putter, a personal fitting, and a putt training – almost like a Christmas gift. This individualized HPP 326 TP, he took home and trained for four weeks. And...


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