From January 18th to 21st, KRAMSKI PUTTER was once again at the CMT Fair Golf- und WellnessReisen (Golf and Wellness Travels) in Stuttgart. Wiestaw Kramski gave daily talks on his KRAMSKI Putting Philosophy in front of a golf-enthusiastic audience. The biggest fair for tourism and leisure achieved a new record in 2018: 265,000 visitors came to the fair halls in Stuttgart. In the recently added Paul Horn Hall (hall 10), golf enthusiasts had even more space to spread out. “This year, our stall was directly across from the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association,” Wiestaw Kramski explains, “This way, we had interesting dialogues and discussions with club representatives and members from the 'Lädle' (area in the South West of Germany).” Putt guru Kramski gave daily talks on his putt philosophy. Many people in the audience later on visited the KRAMSKI stand - some for an individual fitting, others ordered a KRAMSKI PUTTER straight away. Others booked a seminar or workshop at KRAMSKI...



In February 2018, the partnership of KRAMSKI and Tour Pro Richard Sterne has its first anniversary. Already in January 2015, Wiestaw Kramski and the European Tour player met for the first time in Fancourt, South Africa. “Do you know this player?”. This question by proette Monique Smith Wiestaw Kramski had to answer with no back then. He trained and fitted Smith at the putting green in Fancourt. Close by, European Tour player Sterne trained at the pro section of the driving range. Smiths explanations caught Kramski's attention: the South-Arican Tour pro had already won six tournaments of the European Tour. The putt guru and the golf pro were introduced to each other. Curious, Sterne tried out the KRAMSKI Putter. While observing, Kramski noticed a characteristic feature in the pro's game: he used the claw grip. “He told me he uses this grip for several years now and this way the putting worked best. I assembled a test putter for him – specifically adjusted to the needs of a...


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